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At 3Below, everyone’s visit to the theater should be enjoyable, memorable, and accessible. Please let us know how we can better serve you and make our venue as accessible as possible for your needs. When booking tickets, let the Box Office know if we can offer any assistance during your visit.
Wheelchair Users
The entire venue is free of stairs with ramps to the theaters, lobby, and restrooms.
Theaters 1 and 2 have configurable seating designed to accommodate seating for those with wheelchairs and their companions.

When buying tickets in Theater 3, choose seats L2, L3, L6, L7, or L10 if you want an open space for your wheelchair. Seats L1, L4, L5, L8, and L9 are sold as companion seats. Once you select a wheelchair space adjacent to one of those three seats, you'll be able to select a companion seat.

In Theater 3, we also have four seats with armrests that raise and no chair sidewall designed for guests who want to use their walker or wheelchair to get to their chair and then transfer out to a theater seat. NOTE: you cannot leave your wheelchair or walker in the aisle adjacent to any of the transfer seats. Your walker or wheelchair will need to be stored at the back of the theater (space permitting) or in the lobby. If you cannot be without your walking assist or would not be comfortable waiting for someone to bring it to you, please book seats L11, L12, L13, or L14 since you'll have more access to your walker or wheelchair than you would in rows E or H.
If we can do anything to make your visit more enjoyable or if you would like to suggest improvements please contact us.

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