Back in 2009 when we hosted our first "along", we had no idea we would go on to present hundreds of sing-along and quote-along events delighting tens of thousands of people throughout the state. Now that we have a theater to program 365 days a year, we have plenty of opportunities to book the best in interactive entertainment. 

The great thing about "retro film" is that the older you get, the more movies there are that fall into this category! Guest of "a certain age" will love our popular annual series like "Trek or Treat!" (the best Star Trek films right in time for Halloween) and James Bond film festivals. Younger crowds will enjoy special events like our children's film fests. And (almost) everyone will enjoy our regular events with Barely Legal, the long-running Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast who will teach you how to do the time warp again, and again, and again!

You're never far from a performance with the Royal Opera House Live Cinema Season. Each year we present operas, ballet, and Shakespeare's works on the big screen for all to enjoy. These lavish productions are captured in exquisite HD and presented on our screens to the delight of South Bay opera, ballet, and theatre fans. 

The masters of pratfalls, the stars of spit takes, and gurus of gut-punches are all coming to the big screen at 3Below! Young and old alike can enjoy the company of others who appreciate this high art…the art of slapstick comedy. With origins dating all the way back to Ancient Greece and Rome, the slapstick genre has charmed audiences throughout time: commedia dell’arte, Punch and Judy, American and English vaudeville…across time and geography, audiences have been treated to these hilarious actors performing acrobatics and intentionally harming themselves, all in the name of laughs. Thankfully, the physical blows were not damaging; the comedians you’ll see in our Slapstick Sunday celebrations are most definitely masters of timing and comedic illusion.