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3Below Cafe

Great Events and Great Eats!

The 3Below lobby is home to the 3Below Café! With our renovation complete, you can come for lunch or to enjoy dinner before, during, and after 3Below events. At 3Below Cafe, you'll find a selection of hot bites and cool treats to enjoy while experiencing 3Below Theaters. We update our menu to keep it fresh but here's just some of what you can expect when you dine at 3Below Cafe:

Gourmet Hot Dogs, Samosas, Taquitos, and other seasonal hot bites

Premium Italian Gelato and Sorbetto

Liege Waffles...plain or with dipping sauces

Hot Buttered (or plain) Popcorn

Pepsi Sodas

A Selection of Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Juices

Butter (White), Jam (Red), and Toast (Sparkling) Wines as well as mimosas and other specialty drinks

Keurig Coffees

A Variety of Hot and Ice Teas

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

Movie Theater Candy

A NOTE ABOUT FOOD AT 3BELOW: 3Below has a cafe offering hot bites, cool treats, beer, wine, coffee, and more - all of which IS allowed in all areas of the venue. However, there is NO outside food or drink allowed in the building, with the sole exception of a reclosable bottled water. Please plan accordingly when you attend for an event. While we encourage patronage at nearby restaurants, please plan to finish your meal at the restaurant and not within our theaters or cafe. We reserve the right to check bags for outside food. We will ask you to leave if you bring meals into the theater and if you decide not to return after discarding the food, there is no refund for your ticket. Why? Because the state and county health codes state as much and because the foods we have on our menu are things we can quickly clean in the event of a spill and are less odorous (read: offensive) to the majority of patrons. Please respect this rule as a guest in our venue.

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