The 3Below lobby is home to the 3Below Café! With our renovation complete, you can come for lunch or to enjoy dinner before, during, and after 3Below events. 

Looking to Pre-Order? Thanks for your patience: as we transition from our old website to this one, we are unable to take pre-orders at this time. BUT we are rebuilding a system to make it an option again. Stay tuned!


Please note: menu is subject to change due to seasonal availability.

Hot Bites. Small Plates. And Skewers.

All-Beef Kosher Hot Dog | Beyond Meat Hot Dog
Enjoy any of the 7 hot dogs styles below with an all-beef kosher hot dog OR a plant-based meat "brat" stuffed with flavor and prepared with satisfying sizzle! All hot dogs come with pretzel bun (vegan).

Plain Dog (just the dog and the bun) | $6.00
Classic Dog (ketchup, yellow mustard, sweet relish) | $6.50

Gourmet Hot Dogs | House Specialties
Teriyaki Dog (Teriyaki Sauce, Vegan Wasabi Aioli and Pickled Ginger) | $7.50
Mango Chutney Dog | $7.50 
French Onion Dog (Sautéed Onions and Dijon Mustard) | $7.50
Ranchero Dog (Ranchero Sauce with Sweet Corn and Hatch Chili Relish) | $7.50
Green Curry Dog (Green Curry with Cucumber and Cilantro) | $7.50
Lox and Caper Dog (Lox and Capers; Cream Cheese Optional ) | $7.50

Pastrami and Dill Pickle Skewers (3 pc. with mustard dipping sauce) | $7.50

Toasted Ravioli (6pc. with Marinara) | $7.50

Samosas (4pc. with Mango Chutney) | $7.50

Liege Waffles! (Hot, Golden, and Thick with Caramelized, Pearl Sugar Swirled through the Batter) | 1 for $3.00, 2 for $5.00

Waffle with Sauce (One Waffle with One 2 oz. House Made Dipping Sauce) | $5.00
Sauce Flavors: Cherry Blossom Vanilla, Deep Dark Chocolate, Tutti Passion Frutti, Creamy Mocha

Waffle Creations (One Waffle topped with various delicacies)
Nutella Waffle (Topped with Nutella and Fresh Berries) | $8.00
Apple Pie Waffle (Topped with Warm, Spiced Apples and Whipped Cream) | $8.00
Tropical Waffle (Topped with Tropical Fruit Compote and Whipped Coconut Cream) | $8.00
Cinnamon Waffle (Two Waffles with Toasted Cinnamon Butter) | $8.00

Cool Sweets

The Waffelato (Delicious Gelato Served on a Hot Liege Waffle with Chocolate Dome Top, Sprinkles, and Wafer Cookie) | $8.00
Premium Italian Gelato (Seasonal Flavors) | Large $6.00 and Small $4.50
Premium Italian Sorbetto (Seasonal Flavors) | Large $6.00 and Small $4.50

More Treats

Popcorn (Buttered or Plain, Vegan and Gluten Free!) | Large $5.00; Small $3.00
Chocolate Brownie | $3.00
Krispie Rice Treat | $3.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie | $3.00
Salted Caramel Cookie | $3.00

Cold Drinks

Cold Specialty Drinks | 20oz $4.00
Italian Soda | Fresh Squeezed Lemonade | Iced Tea | Arnold Palmer
Plain or Choice of Nimble Nectar Fresh Fruit syrups: 
Tart Cherry Lime, Mango Passionfruit, Cranberry Ginger, Tangerine Lime

Specialty Wines | $10

Served in a Reusable, Closed-Top Souvenir Cup | $13.00 ($9.00 refills with cup)*
Jam Cellars: Jam (Red | Cabernet Sauvignon), Butter (White | Chardonnay), Toast (California Sparkling White)

Wine Cocktails | $12

Served in a Reusable, Closed-Top Souvenir Cup | $15.00 ($11.00 refills with cup)*
Royale | Sparkling Wine plus Nimble Nectar
House Blend Sangria| Select Fruits and Red Wine

Beer & Hard Cider | $6.50

Pepsi Products* | 20oz $4.00 | $2.00 Refills
Pepsi | Diet Pepsi | Dr. Pepper | Diet Dr. Pepper | Ginger Ale | Root Beer | Orange Crush | Sierra Mist

*All fountain sodas are available in a Reusable 3Below 20 oz. Tumbler for $15 + $1 Refills.

Gourmet Coffee & Tea

Coffee Syrup Flavors Available: Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut   

Espresso | Single $2.50, Double $4.00
Cappuccino | $4.00
Latte | $4.00
Macchiato | $4.00
Mocha | $4.00
Americano | $4.00
Hot Chocolate | $4.00
Regular Black Coffee | $3.00
Regular Decaf Coffee | $3.00
Black & Herbal Teas | $2.50
Iced Coffee | $3.00
Affogato | $5.00
Shake-a-ccino (Creamy Shaken Iced Coffee Specialty) | $6.00

A NOTE ABOUT FOOD AT 3BELOW: 3Below has a cafe offering hot bites, cool treats, beer, wine, coffee, and more - all of which IS allowed in all areas of the venue. However, there is NO outside food or drink allowed in the building, with the sole exception of a reclosable bottled water. Please plan accordingly when you attend for an event. While we encourage patronage at nearby restaurants, please plan to finish your meal at the restaurant and not within our theaters or cafe. We reserve the right to check bags for outside food. We will ask you to leave if you bring meals into the theater and if you decide not to return after discarding the food, there is no refund for your ticket. Why? Because the state and county health codes state as much and because the foods we have on our menu are things we can quickly clean in the event of a spill and are less odorous (read: offensive) to the majority of patrons. Please respect this rule as a guest in our venue.